Where would we be without fluid power?

Posted on:November 30, 2021


The modern world is powered by many different power sources. How we heat our homes, move our vehicles, build our buildings, just generally live our lives all require power and the ability it gives us. Fossil fuels are still responsible for a good part of the power we use, but this is changing. We are looking to use more renewable sources, but it is taking a long time.

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One of the most direct and safe ways of moving objects or lifting them is to use Fluid Power. Units that use Fluid Power are Hydraulics and Pneumatics. They can be provided by  https://dana-sac.co.uk/fluid-power/. Fluid power falls into two categories. Hydraulics is the use of a liquid composition to create the required movement and power where are pneumatics uses gasses and vacuums. Pneumatics focus son fragile and lighter materials whereas the liquid version is used for strength and speed.

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Some of the best examples of this fluid power are, for Pneumatics, the movement of light objects such as pills in medicine production and of pods for cash and receipts in retail. You will see more direct examples when it comes to Hydraulics. Construction vehicles are one example but also fun things like rollercoasters and fairground rides would be impossible without fluid power. We shall be reliant on this technology for a long time to come.