Do you know much about ceiling roses?

Posted on:June 29, 2020


When thinking about interior design, how much have you heard about ceiling roses? Despite there being many places to hang lighting in a modern home, the most common and easy place to hang the main lighting is in the centre of the ceiling. Ever since the Victorian times, homeowners have chosen centrally-located pendant lights. However, the mess of cables and equipment involved can damage the aesthetics, so the ceiling rose was created to conceal the fixings needed to hang the lights from the ceiling.

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This need to disguise cabling is still present today and ceiling roses provide a pleasing decoration for a light fitting. They add something a bit extra to the d├ęcor and can be matched with existing decorative plasterwork like coving that you might have on the ceiling, for example. For Ceiling Rose choices, visit a site like

A lot of homeowners forget to include the ceiling in terms of interior decoration. You might be surprised, however at what kind of impact a ceiling can have on the space, with many referring to it as the fifth wall. It definitely pays to show it some attention and can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home.

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So, now you know what a ceiling rose is, which is the best material to use? In an older property or period home, it is cost-effective to have a plaster ceiling rose. Modern alternatives include plastic and polystyrene. Plaster roses are an inexpensive option and long-lasting, as long as there is no clear damage to the ceiling, such as water damage, for example.