Calculating the Costs of Moving – From the Purchase to Long Term

Posted on:May 25, 2021


A new house is a big purchase, but it is easy to get caught up in the price of the property itself and not consider the additional costs of moving house, particularly if this is your first time moving or you haven’t moved house in a long time. Here are some of the costs that you also need to take into account when you are budgeting for a house move…

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Before you move, as well as the price of the actual property, you should also factor in the solicitors’ fees for doing the legal side of the purchase. As well as this there is stamp duty to consider – this is something that can change fairly frequently especially at the moment, so it is worth looking into what the current stamp duty rules are. In some cases, it is possible to claim a stamp duty refund with the help of a company like


Once your house purchase has gone through and you are looking forward to the day itself, it is time to think about things that you will have to pay for to do with the move. Ring around removal companies for quotes and get this booked in early once you have decided on one, and also think about whether you want to hire a professional cleaner for your old property and/or your new one.

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It is also important to think long term and consider the actual living costs of the property – think about the utilities that you will need to pay and the council tax band that the property is in.