Choose Your Blinds From a Wide Range

Posted on:May 5, 2021


A window blind is simply a kind of window covering made of fabric, plastic or even vinyl. These coverings are usually made to protect windows from the weather. There are several types of window blinds that employ various sophisticated control systems for the purpose of controlling the amount of light that flows into a room and/or to prevent dust from entering the room. They also come in various colors, shapes, sizes and materials so as to offer a wide selection of choices to suit one’s specific needs. The most common materials used by window blind manufacturers to produce these products are aluminum, wood and fabric.

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Blinds can also be known by several names like Venetian blinds, roller shades, shutters, pleated shades, cellular shades and sheers. Venetian blinds refer to those that fold back to provide privacy while shutters refer to the horizontal blinds that fold in half when raised for greater privacy and visibility. Pleated shades are the ones that resemble the traditional blinds but have “raised stitching” at the top corners to form slats. Cellular shades or shutters are the ones that have solid louvers while the other two types are fabricated with fabric slats. Shutters provide less light filtration and more sun control than the other two types.

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There are two types of blinds namely, motorised and manual. Motorised window coverings are quite convenient to use with the use of a cord and pulley system. Manual types are easier to install, require no pulley operation, but may cost a bit more expensive because of the additional material cost. In terms of size, the largest window coverings are motorized blinds and louvers. All the other types are manual sized. It is important to consult with a Blinds Cheltenham company such as Laskeys to discuss what the most appropriate blinds for your home and your needs are.