Don’t be dangerous in the garden

Posted on:July 22, 2020


Gardens can be surprisingly dangerous places. About 300,000 people are injured in their gardens each year, badly enough to need to attend a hospital. 110,000 of them are children. Approximately 87,000 are injured actively gardening or doing DIY jobs in the garden. For big jobs in the garden, contact a Tree Surgeon Essex at a site like Benchmark Landscapes, a leading Tree Surgeon Essex.

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Here are some of the most dangerous gardening tools:

  1. Lawnmower (6,500 accidents in the UK every year)


  1. Flowerpots (5300)


  1. Cutting flowers and trimming (4400)


  1. Spades (3600)


  1. Powered hedgetrimmers (3100)


  1. Plant tubs (2800)


  1. Shears (2100)


  1. Forks (2000)


  1. Hoses and sprinklers (1900)


  1. Sticks and canes (1800).

Powered tools must be operated using a ‘residual current device’ – which cuts off the electricity immediately if an accident occurs. Any cleaning or repairs should never be performed when the mower is plugged in and keep children out of the way during mowing.

Men are more likely to be involved in accidents than women with people aged between 30 to 60 most likely to be injured after children.

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The most accidents occur in the autumn and the biggest threat to people comes from wounds (19,000), then falling (18,000) and being struck by things (12,600).

Gardens are places where people want to relax and maybe that’s why so many accidents occur there. Simple steps such as wearing gloves can prevent a lot of cutting. Wear sturdy shoes and long trousers when mowing the grass rather than shorts and sandals. Chemicals should always be kept out of the reach of children or pets and tools should always be tidied away after use.