The Biggest Home Trends of the Year

Posted on:September 1, 2020


This year, we haven’t had a great deal going on – holidays, festivals and weddings have been cancelled so what is there to do other than revitalise our home? Here are some of the hottest home trends of 2020…

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Natural – Natural colours and textures are starting to make a big comeback this year. People are starting to move away from the greys that were so popular last year and towards the warmer toned neutrals, such as oat and peach colours, as well as warm based greens. As well as this, rattan and wood are having a big revival, as much as for walls as for furniture.

Japanese – Taking inspiration from the far east is the perfect way to make your home a tranquil space, rich in beautiful silks, a calming colour palette and stylish oriental designs. Add in some statement art such as an animal sculpture or an oriental lamp to really make the most of this trend.

Grandma Chic – Mixing the older styles with a modern look is going to be big this year, and if you are a lover of floral, vintage and art deco styles, then this could be perfect for you. Modern lighting mixed with floral wallpaper is a great example of how the look can be styled for the modern home.

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Rainbow Shades – This year it is all about being experimental with different shades from all parts of the rainbow. Big and bold colours making a statement in geometric shapes, and furniture that refuses to blend into the background is going to be huge this year.