The five main benefits of buying a park home

Posted on:August 27, 2020


A park home offers buyers the opportunity to own their own home in a peaceful location without costing a small fortune.

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There are many benefits to buying a park home, including living in a community, plus others you may not have realised, such as the convenient housekeeping.


Because park homes are smaller than a regular home and are laid out to maximise space, cleaning them is quick and easy. Keeping your home looking nice and tidy means you always have a nice environment to spend time in.

Most park homes come with small gardens that are situated near large, open spaces, so there will be no shortage of opportunities to go exploring the great outdoors while still being able to enjoy having your own personal outdoor space.


A park home such as Wiltshire park homes is significantly cheaper than a traditional house. When buying a park home, you can either buy it outright, or you will need to pay a deposit and take out a mortgage from a specialist mortgage provider. You will also have more money in your bank account to enjoy other pleasures in life, such as holidaying, eating out and hobbies.

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Wiltshire park homes use high-quality materials and homes are fitted using modern technology and appliances. Modern park homes are constructed using factory-made components and are therefore much less likely to have design issues or building problems.

Each park home site will have their own individual rules relating to what can and can’t be done on each plot. For example, there may be a limit on the number of garden sheds a resident can erect. There will also be requirements relating to the upkeep and how to dispose of refuse, ensuring the site always looks and feels like home.


The upkeep and running costs of a park home are significantly lower than a traditional home, with heating and electricity bills costing significantly less.


Park home sites offer security and peace of mind. With private entrances, friendly neighbours and on-site assistance, residents can enjoy a relaxed style of living away from the stresses of city life.

A well looked-after park home can last for up to 80 years. In addition to the many lifestyle benefits, if you are looking to downsize, a park home is well worth considering.