What Are The Common TV Aerial Problems

Posted on:June 1, 2021


The first problem you can encounter with your television set is weak TV signal from the antenna. This can be the most common problem of all TV aerial issues. You might be situated too far away from the main TV station, or a mountain in front of you and that’s blocking the good signal from your antenna. In this case you will need a stronger antenna, or perhaps even getting a new television aerial installation done altogether. Either way, here are some other TV problems you can encounter with satellite reception. Just get One Vision Ltd, a TV Aerials Swansea based firm to fix it for you.

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Poor picture quality. Sometimes you will experience poor picture quality when using aerials for your TV reception. Sometimes this problem is related to a cloud that’s blocking the reception, but in some cases it might just be the cables that are not being used correctly, which can be the culprit for poor picture quality.

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Ghosting. Now this is one of the more common tv aerial problems you can come across, especially if you have a newer model of the set. A lot of older aerials are made with copper wires, and these are the ones that tend to pick up extra signals and then send them along to other parts of the house. If you’re experiencing ghosting with your TV aerial installation, you should either go for a brand new TV aerial installation, or simply solder on a ground wire from another area of your house that doesn’t have any extra signals being blocked.