What is asbestos?

Posted on:August 25, 2020


Once there was an amazing discovery. A new type of building material had been invented. It was easy to make, cut, shape and even insulate electricity. Best of all it was extremely heat resistant. This material was used widely in business and commercial aspects from the end of the nineteenth century all the way through to the 1970’s. It was then that the truth about asbestos was discovered. Quite simply it was a definite cause of lung cancer when it became broken and released its fibres into the air.

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When it was discovered  to be the case the race to remove it from buildings began. The only problem was that a huge amount of buildings had been constructed from it. In fact we are still discovering them to this day. As soon as it becomes apparent that this is the case then an Asbestos Removal Essex based firm like https://www.sperion.co.uk/ are called in to take it all out and dispose of it.

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Asbestos as a building material is now banned throughout the world. When it is discovered the building is shut down and the staff or workers tested for asbestosis. If it does not break it is generally considered relatively safe but has to come out. There is only one country still using and producing it. Russia remains the largest producer and consumer. This has been the case since the 1880’s when a huge discovery of chrysotile, the material that asbestos is created from,   was made in the Urals.