Copper Uses through the Ages

Posted on:October 26, 2021


Copper is a metal which mankind has long been utilising to make many things from – all the way back to the bronze age, it has been an important part of society in many ways, and this only grew throughout the years. Here are just three things that have been made from copper, which have stood the test of time!

For Navigation – When at sea, the materials that are used need to be carefully considered as they need to withstand the test of the elements that they are exposed to. For this reason, the use of brass, which is copper with zinc, has long been the preferred choice for seafarers and navigational instruments were commonly made from brass.

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For Currency – Many British coins were made from brass, and indeed still are to this day! Matthew Boulton was one of the key creators of the money used in the UK and created ways in which to efficiently make it. The Royal Mint has long relied on the use of copper to produce its coins going back centuries, from the halfpenny and farthing to modern day pound coins!

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For Air Conditioning – In our modern world we rely on technology a lot in our everyday lives and one of the things that we use a lot in the summer months is an air conditioning system. Copper pipe like this is often used in air conditioning units as well as copper coils.