Obstacles to going global in business

Posted on:November 15, 2021


As we continue to experience rapid growth in digital applications and online retail, businesses should think about going global in their approach to marketing. The internet has made it possible for even the smallest of enterprises to gain a global reach but what is it that stops businesses from achieving this transition from local to international markets?

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Localisation – The ability to translate a website, adapting to the right payment services for different countries and a knowledge deficit in how international markets work are major obstacles for many businesses, particularly smaller businesses. For advice about Ecommerce Web Design Dublin, Visit Ryco Marketing

Customs and shipping – Operating across borders comes with additional issues and costs such as return costs, tariffs, customs and shipping. There are also legal considerations and these can all add up to become too much for a small business to afford.

Compliance – Trying to stay compliant with a range of various legal and tax regulations across different regions can prove tricky.

Assisting customers – With customers in different time zones, keeping up and responding to queries, enquiries and complaints can prove difficult and time consuming. Upholding a strong brand presence and developing brand awareness is undoubtedly harder when you’re operating at distance.

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Taking payments – The setting up of different local payment systems will require a lot of work, involving numerous sectors including finance, business development and legal departments.

As you can see, going global takes work, time and commitment but it can be achieved with the right help.