Types of Shelving Units

Posted on:April 9, 2021


A shelving unit is a long horizontal plane that is typically placed on a wall, business, shop, etc to house items that are being stored, displayed, or sold for sale. It is usually raised off the floor and typically secured/backed on its longer end with brackets. It can also be secured by sturdy pillars or columns. Depending on the shelving design, shelves may be single tier, multi-tier, pull out, and fixed.

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There are many types of shelving units, including vertical, horizontal, bin shelving, display, free standing, and plastic pallets. Some shelving is made of wood, while others are manufactured from metal or plastic. The most popular types of shelving are made from wood because it is easy to maintain, attractive, and allows for individual customisation. Wooden shelving is more stable than plastic or metal. Plastic and metal shelving are not sturdy enough and can become damaged due to heavy use or weathering. It is best to choose shelving from a reputable company such as Rackzone.

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Many shelving systems include open shelf systems, which allow users to easily see what is stored on the shelf. Open shelf shelving systems are often stackable, which makes it very efficient and space saving. Some open shelf systems are stackable, but usually have fixed, one piece shelves that lock in place. These are often used with pallet racks, which allow the use of heavy duty pallets for storage. Pallet racks are installed on ceilings and walls and allow for more storage space for small light duty products like CDs and DVDs.