The Most Common Types of Roof you Will see in the UK

November 3, 2020 2:41 pm


There are many different roofs that you may notice even just walking around a small town. It isn’t something that everyone notices all the time as they are not at eye level unless you work on roofs like this roofing Cheltenham based business Storm roofing!

When it comes to roofs, there are actually five main types all looking a little different. These are the five main types of roof that you are likely to come across here in the UK…

Gable The gable roof is popular in cooler climates like the UK so you will notice many houses with this style of roof. The upside-down V of the roof is a perfect shape for protecting the house from rain and snow.

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Mansard – The name comes from the architect Francois Mansart, so this roof is also sometimes called a French roof. This roof is four sided and both the lower slopes and uppers lopes are very steep.

Gambrel – Similar to the Mansard roof, this roof also has four sides. However, it does differ from the Mansard as it has steep lower slopes, but the upper slopes of the roof are a much more gentle slope.

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Hip Roof – The triangular shape of a hip roof is also something that you will often see a lot of in the UK. It is ideal for protection from the elements and is sometimes called a pavilion roof due to its appearance.

Lean to – These are also known as shed roofs as they are popular for sheds, they are the easiest roofs to build and consist of one slope leading down to a gutter. A popular choice for conservatories and garden rooms as well as sheds.