Important things to do when you buy a new phone

Posted on:November 8, 2021


Having a new phone is an exciting time and after unboxing, there are some important things you’ll want to do to keep it in top condition.

  1. Protection

Nobody wants to see their phone get cracked or damaged so be sure to get a phone cover. There are many different types available in a range of materials, colours and designs. This will provide protection against dings, cracks, dents and scratches.

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  1. Screen protection

As well as securing the edges and cover of the phone, protecting the delicate glass of the screen whilst in use is also a wise move. The display is the most expensive part of a phone to replace and often not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so a scratch guard or tempered glass protector is highly recommended.

  1. Download some great apps

Apart from the default apps, now is your chance to customise your phone to your unique tastes. Top apps include antivirus, fitness, social media, news etc. If you love playing games, there are many hundreds to choose from both free and paid. For Vodafone Tullamore, visit a site like

  1. Personalisation

Now it’s time to make your phone your own and you can do this by changing the wallpaper, putting apps into useful folders, adjusting the call settings, screen brightness and setting your favourite alarms, notifications and ringtones.


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  1. Check for latest updates

It could be that between purchasing your device and delivery, a new update is available for your operating system. Always make sure you check in the settings so you have the latest software to prevent any hardware failures.