How can our soil become contaminated?

Posted on:October 18, 2021


Sadly, soil quality is another aspect of the environment that we are starting to ignore. We currently focus on air quality and rising temperatures, resulting in rising sea levels, but we should also consider soil conditions. If this degrades, we shall be in even more problems with our planet than we already are.

Unfortunately, it is straightforward for soil to become contaminated. One of the best examples is the increased use of pesticides to control insect and bug life rather than relying on natural predators. Non-natural fertilisers designed to grow grass and vegetable yield are also setting us up for more issues in the future, even if it is producing abundance now.

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The other issues that we face are outside the world of agriculture and horticulture. We have abused the land for too many years with the building of factories and industrial units. This also includes old primary industries such as mining and the defunct military bases of the Cold war. These “brownfield” sites are now falling into disrepair, and new use is being sought for them. This can be anything from new retail opportunities, decorative public spaces and even residential housing sites.

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The issue is the reclamation of the soil and the land to be able to do this. A forward-thinking organisation like can provide solutions to Contaminated Land Remediation and give us back the Earth to find a greener and more sustainable use for now and for the future.