Common Causes of Car Breakdowns

Posted on:May 29, 2021


Cars are essential to many of us and are not only the most convenient way for many of us to get to work, but they also give us a lot of freedom when it comes to leisure activities. Because they are so important, it is essential to look after your car as best you can, as well as making sure that you go to a trusted garage for your MOT such as this MOT Gloucester company Swift Fit.


Sometimes though cars will inevitably break down – here are the most common causes of a car breaking down, so that you can be well prepared…


Battery Problems – Particularly during the winter months, a large number of breakdowns are caused by battery problems. Sometimes this can be caused by forgetting to turn off your lights when you have turned off the engine, but it can also be caused by the battery becoming worn out, a fault with the connection from the car to the battery or from leaving the car out of use. Make sure that you always carry jump leads in your car in case this should happen to you.

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Engine Oil – It is important to regularly check your cars oil levels as this is something that many people can overlook which then leads to the car breaking down. Regularly checking the levels and topping them up if necessary will avoid this, but also make sure that you check the type of oil that your car needs.

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Car Overheating – The engine of the car or the cooling system can be to blame here, and you may notice a thermometer symbol come up as a warning light on the dashboard. This means that your car is overheating so you must find somewhere safe and pull over and turn off the engine. It may be that your car needs water, or that you have a fault in the car itself.