The increasing need for a Van security system.

Posted on:July 2, 2020


Sadly, Van theft is a very common occurrence. As more and more of us become self employed or work for a Same Day Courier London based firm like , we need to think about how we are going to protect our investment and the equipment inside it.

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One of the quickest. But also debatable ideas is to have plenty of signage on the side. The reason here is that if the Van is noticeable it will put off the potential thief as the description will be easy to spot by the Police on the roads. However, on the flip side it does appear as if you are advertising what the Van might possible have in it.

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So that you don’t get any snoopers looking in to see what is in the van it’s a great idea to invest in some tinted or blacked out windows. Make sure you stay on the right side of the law with their installation. It also goes without saying that even though it is a pain you should always empty the van every night.

The other things that you can put in place will sadly cost. It’s an idea to think about getting deadlocks and cameras on the van to record if there is any trouble. Most thieves are opportunistic and want to be in and out quickly. Anything to delay them or make them think twice is what you want.