Using a Trailer – Three Trailer Rules you Should Know Before You Tow

Posted on:April 20, 2022


Trailers are a really useful way to move large items around – from garden items, bulky building materials, furniture and even trailer tents for camping, the use of a trailer is something that many people like to have for both work and for leisure.

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Trailers are a great option because they can be attached and used only when needed, so you can use your car without it when you don’t need the trailer space. If you need to make repairs to your trailer, spare and replacement parts are easily obtained from places like this trailer parts supplier Auto and Trailer.

When you are using a trailer, there are different rules on the roads that will apply, so it is a good idea to look these up and familiarise yourself with them in the highway code – some of these include:

Motorway Driving – When you are towing a trailer, you are not allowed to use the third lane of a motorway.

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Speed Limits – The usual speed limits do not always apply when you are towing a trailer – on a motorway, you should not exceed 60 miles per hour, and on single carriageways you should not exceed 50 miles per hour.

Check the Weight that your car can Tow – It is important to ensure that your car can tow the weight of the trailer. If you are not sure what this is, have a look in the vehicle handbook for your car, and check that it is suitable for your trailer.