Looking to add a personal touch to your glass?

Posted on:June 15, 2020


Many homeowners looking to install new doors and windows will be interested in glass that stands out and makes a statement. Depending on the style and age of the property, glass is available in both contemporary and classic period styles. Patterns in the glass are a good way to add a personal touch in keeping with the feel of the property.

A modern pattern will bring some individuality to a contemporary home. Ideas include bold geometric patterns or anything that goes with the existing d├ęcor of the home.

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For those seeking a more traditional approach, etched glass shows understated elegance and is available in border patterns that create a subtle yet effective aesthetic for a property. They can be used to incorporate existing period features or simply to bring a high-end look to a beautiful pane of glass. Find out more about Glass Suppliers Swindon at a site like Roman Glass, a top firm of Glass Suppliers Swindon

A brilliant cut offers stunning clean lines and is subtle enough to still let in lots of natural sunlight. A diamond cut is another beautiful look and a more contemporary option to classic diamond leading.

For homeowners looking for something a bit bolder, a fusion design offers a great combination of stained glass with clean edges and lines that are sandblasted. They can be stunning, offering a bright and colourful focal point, particularly when placed in a fanlight window, for example.

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Whether you love art deco designs, fusion glass tiles, explosions of bright colour or a stylish subtle border pattern, there are many ways to create a bespoke look to the exterior glass of your home.