Reasons Why a Workplace Should Have a First Aid Room

Posted on:October 22, 2021


There are countless numbers of workplace injuries which occur in the course of our everyday lives. From broken bones, to cuts and sprains, to the very common but avoidable bruises – there are a lot of different reasons as to why we should have a first aid room in the workplace, and here are some of the top ones.

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First, having a place to simply and conveniently administer first aid can help prevent a host of different injuries from occurring in the first place. While we’re on the topic of avoiding injury, the fact is that over the course of a year, around ten percent of all first aid cases end up being fatal. This means that simply knowing you can quickly administer aid to those who need it can go a long way towards preventing workplace injuries. For information on First aid at work Cheltenham, visit a site like

Another reason why a workplace should have a first aid room is because of the large amount of liability which can come along with it. If you work in a business where you’re dealing with clients or customers on a regular basis, chances are that you’re going to deal with them – at least once in a while. The fact is that this means that you may have to apply first aid on at least one client or customer on a regular basis, which can go a long way towards avoiding costly legal issues.

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Having a place in your workplace where you can quickly get medical attention is invaluable. In the event of something serious happening, you won’t have to waste precious time waiting for the appropriate professionals to arrive – you will have access to basic first aid skills right away.