Rubber and the pet industry

Posted on:May 26, 2020


Rubber is a material that has been used for thousands of years both in its natural form and later on as a synthetic material. Developing the synthesised version of rubber led to many more uses as it can now be produced relatively easily and in large quantities. This is particularly useful for those working in Rubber Moulding who need to be able to access the material quickly.

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Rubber is versatile and hard wearing which is why it is a favoured material of the pet industry. Here are some of the items that are readily available.

  • Food bowls – food bowls can take a bit of bashing when it comes to hungry cats and dogs using them day in and day out. Feeding bags used for horses are also made using rubber so that they are robust and able to withstand daily use.

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  • Toys – dog toys in particular are often made from rubber as they can cope with the abuse that they receive from a dog tugging at them. Chew toys and balls are made from rubber, again to help make them robust and last longer than those made from other materials.

What items do you have at home for your pet that are made from rubber?