Some of the best examples of Marketing ever made

Posted on:March 4, 2021


The quest to find that perfect route to market is a long and tortuous one. It can be made significantly easier if you use the services of a good Marketing Strategy Consultant. The job of where you can find a marketing strategy consultant has been made simpler for you. Just click on the link we have provided. Here are some of the greatest examples of where marketing has gone very, very right.


  1. Dove soap. Finding the audience. In 2004 Dove used a brilliant piece of marketing where that appealed directly to women. They found that only 4% of the women they polled thought of themselves as attractive. They then hired an ex FBI sketch artist to draw a woman. The first would be based on her description of herself, the second on that of a stranger about her. The artist produced two completely different pictures. Dove then based a campaign around how women see themselves which reached a global audience and set about a social debate.

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  1. Volkswagen in the 1960’s sell against the trend. When print media was king, impact image were possibly even more pronounced than they are now. Volkswagen produced smaller cars when the market demanded big. SImple images of the car surrounded by space rather than busy images illustrated the cars versitialiy not its size.

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  1. Nike decide to just do it.  One of the most iconic and long lasting examples of marketing is that displayed by Nike. In fact it still stands true today. Naming themselves after a speedy great mythical figure was a great start but the tagline “Just do it” was genius. It inspired the sports person to win and get that success without thinking. It might also be applied to the purchaser pondering whether they should but a pair of trainers or not.