Must have items for university

Posted on:September 4, 2020


Heading off to university for the first time or perhaps you are returning to your Student Accommodation Cheltenham way for your second or third year? Here are a few essentials that you will want to take with you.

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Bedding – whilst most accommodation types will provide you with a bed you will need to take a quilt, a number of quilt covers and pillow cases with you. It is best to have at least two so that when you are washing and drying one you can have a clean set on your bed ready for when you crash into bed after a long hard day of lectures.


Kitchen essentials – in most cases you will probably end up sharing a kitchen and it is a good idea to take some kitchen essentials with you such as pots and pans, plates, bowls, cutlery, cups and glasses. Also don’t forget to get yourself some cooking implements such as large plastic spoons, fish slices etc.

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Laptop – a must have for any studying that you are going to be undertaking and don’t forget the charger!

Clothing – take a variety of clothing items with you to cover all bases. These will be items that are suitable for you to wear to your lectures, items to wear out with your new friends of an evening and something comfortable to wear when you are back in your accommodation studying and completing your assignments and other work.