Aran Knitting Patterns and Styles

Posted on:June 11, 2021


Aran Sweaters are a type of sweater, which take their name from the Aran Islands in the west of Ireland. The Aran jumper is traditionally made in white, with solid cable designs on the outer and inner body. Jumper designs in Aran come in many different styles and colours to fit your individual tastes and styles. These sweaters, like the ones from Shamrock Gift are extremely popular as Aran has some of the best surfing in the world. Many people also like wearing their Aran jumpers outside during the summer months because they can be worn comfortably as they are made from great quality wool.

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The Aran knitters who produce these garments pay great attention to detail, because they know that every detail counts towards providing you with the best knitted products possible. Most Aran sweaters come in a range of colours, including classic black, navy blue, green, orange, pink, light blue, cream, and grey. The knitted fibers come from all around the world, making it possible for every traditional Aran garment to be produced, including gloves, scarves, jumpers, mittens, jumpers, sweaters, and coats.

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If the look you are going for is an authentic one, then you will want to ensure that the Aran sweaters hand-made for you are 100% genuine Irish wool sweaters. When you choose an Aran Company to make your item of clothing or accessories, you should ensure that they have an excellent reputation for crafting high quality, original Irish items. The company manufacturing your product should guarantee 100% wool from the Aran region of Ireland, and they should engage in respect for the natural habitats of the local flora and fauna. The company should also engage in fair trade practices.