Swinging 60s Dress Styles Revealed

Posted on:September 25, 2019


swinging 60s

The 1960s offered a revolution in fashion, with far fewer restrictions and much more choice, and this was reflected in the exquisite variation of wedding dresses that were seen.

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As documented by the BBC, the wedding dress has evolved over the years with the 1960s seeing a stunning variation of designs that are still much sought-after for those looking for a vintage dress with a difference today.

The Edwardian Style

A popular choice is the Edwardian style wedding dress, which was worn by Princess Grace in 1956. Despite being before the 60s, this style of dress still dominated through the decade as brides sought the elegant, romantic and traditional feel that Princess Grace’s iconic dress created. This design features long sleeves, lace trims, a high neckline and a fitted bodice, creating a chic and altogether demure feel.

The Babydoll

The mid-60s moved away from emphasising the waist and bust and moved towards a style that had a more girlish, understated charm. Inspired by Twiggy, these wedding dresses took on a softer design, finishing at the ankle and with shaping seams located under the bust.

Fur and Feathers

The wedding dress with a trim (feather or fur) became increasingly popular towards the late 60s. Trimming cuffs, hoods, hems and necklines, this detailing adds a one-off style to any dress like when Cilla Black famously wore a mini trimmed in feathers when she married Bobby Willis in 1969. There are numerous design ideas for this style of dress available online from style advisors such as Style and the Bride and others.


By the late 1960s, designers such as Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin were experimenting with modern shapes and a more low-key design. The A-line dress boasted structured fabrics and clean, understated lines. For those looking for something with a timeless elegance, this design is perfect as it brings a chic look with complimenting lines and an unwavering beauty, and is arguably one of the most beautiful wedding dress designs to date.

The Mini

Potentially the most iconic of 1960’s fashion, the mini is still a statement piece for any bride today. Offering an adventurous twist and one that will cause a stir, just as it did when Yoko Ono married John Lennon, it’s perfect for those who want to show off their legs and opt for something with a unique style.