Aran Knitting Patterns – The origin of the Aran Sweater

Posted on:April 26, 2021


The Aran sweaters are a type of sweater, which takes its name from the Aran islands off the west coast of Ireland. It is said that the name was actually given to the sweater by one of the men who were working for the British Navy but the true origin comes from the Guernsey island. The women of the Channel island showed the women of Aran the skill and style in the middle nineteenth century. The women of Aran made it their own.  A typical Aran sweater is white in color, with large cable stitches on the front and sleeves. Many people who have tried wearing an Aran sweater will claim that it is not only comfortable but also fashionable.

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Many of the woolen Aran sweaters were made during the eighteen hundreds by machine. This was the time before the development of hand knitted aran knitting patterns. During this time the majority of the workers were paid by the hour and their earnings allowed them to buy themselves some clothing.

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As the years went on and more people became interested in knitting and making their own clothing, aran sweaters slowly developed more intricate designs. The most famous designs are of course the aran jumpers, and they still remain a popular style. The area knitters began to knit larger numbers of jumpers to make more money, and so the demand for knitted sweaters gradually increased and you can now find some incredible Aran Sweaters from companies such as Shamrock Gift