Collecting Ancient Egyptian Coins

Posted on:May 11, 2020


As one of the most advanced civilisations of the ancient world the Egyptians had a system of currency in place to ensure the smooth trade of goods and services, especially in the later period of the country’s ancient past. It also allowed them to trade with other Empires such as the Greek City states plus the Persians and Phoenicians. The Eygptian gold slater is one such coin that gets Coin Dealers UK, or global excited as it is one of the best examples.

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For the most part the workers in society were paid in Grain and this weight, called a deben became the standard that currency was measured in. The amount of grain sacks you were paid in reflected the job you did. This grain could be used to pay for any other items required.

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This did not help the economy move along as it was annoying having to take a big sack everywhere so the ancients found that small bits of gold and copper were much more convenient and the coins would be based onĀ  the grains value. The Gold slater is the one that most collectors want as it features a prancing horse, leaping gazelle or some hieroglyphics.