Can People Be Allergic to Mites?

Posted on:September 29, 2020


The question of how people can be allergic to mites is a frequently asked question. It has been known for years that people have a natural immune response to these types of microorganisms. That’s because mites are not the same as dust mites, or even parasites, they are a completely different organism entirely. The fact that mites are so prevalent in our environment is one of the reasons why people are often curious about whether they can become allergic to them.

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For most people, it is generally believed that people are allergic to certain types of foods and food additives or pollen. However, people also are allergic to mites. When a person is allergic to mites it is generally because the mite itself is causing their allergy. For example, if you were allergic to dust mites then the problem would lie with your allergies, not with the mite itself. In this case, your allergic reaction would be a reaction to dust mites, not mites themselves. Find out more about the benefits of an R Shield Mask for dust mites at a site like Respitech, suppliers of the R Shield Mask.

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This means that a person might be allergic to the eggs that are produced by the mite, or to the dead mites that might still be in the carpet. Or, they may even be allergic to the mite faeces and urine. They could be allergic to all mites, or to only one. The point is that if people are suffering from sneezing, hives, itching and respiratory problems, then the cause of their allergy could be down to dust mites.