Making sure your drains are flowing fine

Posted on:May 26, 2020


The maintenance of drains is vitally important not only to your home but also to public health. Without proper functioning drainage we would be faced with a severe issue in terms of waterborne diseases such as typhoid or other unpleasant conditions that could be transferred via human waste. The early civilisations soon began to realise that the proper removal of human waste and dirty, used water was of paramount importance, The zenith of the skill in the first empires and civilisations was the Romans. With the decline and ending of this great empire the subject of waste removal was abandoned and not properly addressed until the late Victorian era.

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In our more enlightened times we look to have a fast flowing waste removal system and our drains bear the brunt of this. It is vitally important that we protect our drains and this is where a Drain Lining company offers an invaluable service.

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We have learnt that the dangers of having waste water and human waste around is dangerous, but they can be used to our advantage. Modern drainage and sewerage can turn these into important rich fertilizers for farming,