Signs of Depression to Look Out For

Posted on:April 21, 2022


Depression has many symptoms. Some people are lethargic and distant all the time, while others experience it only occasionally. The core symptoms are low mood and lack of interest in daily activities. These symptoms vary from person to person, but they all have a common denominator – low mood and loss of interest in things that once gave them joy. Although you should always seek the help of a qualified medical professional for a formal diagnosis, you can spot the warning signs of depression to prevent your loved one from going through a major breakdown. For advice on Mental Health Courses, go to a site like Tidal Training Mental Health Courses

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The NHS recommends that anyone who feels depressed see a doctor if they have persistent symptoms. There are some general symptoms that should raise alarm but not all of them could mean clinical depression. These include sleeping more than normal but still feeling fatigued, thoughts about self-harm and suicide. While doctors aren’t best placed to offer counselling themselves, they are the vital link between primary care and more specialised mental health provisions.

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Excessive tiredness is another of the signs of depression. Over 90% of people with depression experience fatigue. If the person is always tired, this is a sign of hidden depression. Sometimes, people who are depressed may hide this feeling behind a fake smile, even when they’re around other people. Even if they seem to be fine with others, they’re secretly depressed and suffering from the consequences. Understanding the signs to look out for can help someone get the help they need far quicker.