The Basics of a Vegan Diet

Posted on:December 11, 2020


The two main reasons that people decide to switch to a vegan diet are for health reasons as well as for animal welfare reasons. It is certainly a growing diet trend, with being vegan now a fairly common dietary requirement, and there are now many more vegan options out there – from vegan bodybuilding recipes like this to a much greater range of vegan products now in most supermarkets.

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Because we are becoming more conscious of what we eat and where our food comes from, as well as more aware of the urgent need to tackle environmental issues and climate change, going vegan has seen a huge boom in popularity.

People adapting a vegan diet, often report feeling healthier, as well as having better skin and hair than when they were eating a non-vegan diet. It is also a great diet to ward off some illnesses, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

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However, it is worth remembering if you are going to embark on a vegan diet, that you need to take some vitamin supplements as your body may not be able to get all of the vitamins it requires when you cut out some food groups – the vitamins that vegans take as supplements are usually vitamin B12, calcium and iron – all of which naturally occur in our diet when we eat animal-based products. These vitamins are easy to get from any health food shop however, so it is easy to include them.