The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed problems with Locum Tenens Contracts

Posted on:August 3, 2020


Covid-19 has changed many policies and caused many issues for all walks of life. The workers who are sick with covid-19 are given paid leave to stay at home. It is important to do because it is not an ordinary disease. The weak points of the health system were known but were not as much problematic as they are today.

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The policies regarding medical insurance are also changed. Covid-19 has completely revealed the drawbacks of the medical field and medical insurance policies. The insurance companies refused to pay for unemployment during this period. As the locums terminated their long-term working contracts due to Covid-19, they also wiped out the cover they had for practice. As a result, many practitioners were not having any cover right in the middle of a pandemic. It was surely a bad thing to occur. Find out more about Locum Insurance at a site like MPRS, a trusted provider of Locum Insurance.

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Some insurance companies say that Covid-19 is an unexpected problem. That is why there is no proper plan to save the policyholders against it. But they had made a special fund by which they planned to help the Covid-19 patients. It was good news for policyholders. Some people lost their locum contract, but Covid-19 still goes on. They now have to take another locum contract without health insurance. The companies should also provide medical insurance and income protection. They should also provide cover for malpractice along with the locum policy.