Using Drugs to make us better

Posted on:June 23, 2020


As the human body becomes ill it is natural that we want to do something about it. Drugs have been developed with the pure intention of curing any disease and illness that we have. In the beginning of medicine and treatment all drugs were derived from natural ingredients. We still look at using some of these today, mainly because they still work. For example, the humble Foxglove provides the heart medicine called digitalis. Insulin is made from cattle and pigs. There are more modern examples.

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Aspirin is a chemical and this is where most of our drugs come from now. One of the exceptions that bridges the gap is Penicillin. It was discovered by accident from a mould spore so, at this stage, it is natural. However with chemical development it has become more diverse and stronger so it is no longer natural.

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Testing is one of the best ways to find out what the issue might be and if you suspect you have something. The Home StI Kits London authorities put out are a great way of seeing if you are ok and if you need treatment or not. The other thing to remember is that research into making new drugs or making the existing one’s more effective is going on day after day.