What Safety Features To Look For In A Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Posted on:June 29, 2021


What safety features do you look for in a wheelchair accessible van? First off, you need to look for a wheelchair van that is easy and safe to roll up. It’s a good idea to make sure that the ramps are securely attached to the sides of the van, especially if you have to take the ramp outside. You want to make sure the ramp will stay in place once it’s rolled up. Check the tyres on the vehicles, also, to make sure they can handle what the ramp will throw at them. For a range of WAV Vehicles, go to https://clarkemobility.com/

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What safety features do you look for in a wheelchair van that transports you? The front doors must be able to lock into position securely. They should be strong enough to withstand a person using them to exit the van. Another good feature is a door that opens and closes with a manual pull. This means there is never a chance that someone will get out of the van while you are inside.

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The wheelchair accessible vans you see at auto dealerships may be a little used, but they are well maintained. When you buy one, be sure to inspect it carefully. Look for any signs of rust. Any paint that needs to be stripped, and then repainted are a feature that the auto dealer will usually perform. These safety features and extras will help you purchase a wheelchair van that lasts and serves you for many years to come. These auto dealers have plenty of information on the types of vans available to you, and they can also answer any questions you may have.