3 Reasons Why Garage Door Springs Break

Posted on:July 29, 2021


Garage doors are infamously known to be prone to breaking or becoming problematic. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a garage door but very commonly, the spring breaking is most likely the problem that comes up the most. I’ll list the top three reasons why garage door springs break.

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  1. Poor maintenance. Every garage door’s springs will eventually come to the end of its usage but not looking after your garage door properly can reduce its working lifespan dramatically. I recommend putting an oil lubricant on the springs a few times a year, and also checking the garage door’s balance. It’s especially important to check it during the winter as this is when most garage doors start to cause problems and malfunction.
  2. Simple wear and tear. The most common reason for springs to break is overuse and it simply means that it is time it needs to be changed. Springs have a limit of about 10,000 cycles which means that if you had the same garage door for many years now, it will definitely have passed this amount.

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  1. Humidity can be a big problem inside some garages and the wet outdoors can cause rust on the springs over time. If the springs are rusty, the lifespan and the number of cycles it can go through are shortened significantly.

Hopefully you are now clearer as to what causes garage door springs to break. If you’re in need of a new spring break and help fixing your garage door, I recommend contacting Watford Garage Door Repairs.