Choosing a Tree for a Smaller Garden

Posted on:June 17, 2020


The presence of trees is one of the most soothing things in nature. The calming effect that trees have on us is enormous, as well as the fact that trees are good for the planet and provide a valuable habitat for wildlife to live.

If you are considering adding a tree to your garden but are concerned by the size of your garden, there are some trees that are better suited to a smaller garden. Also bear in mind that to make the most of your tree, you will need to research the care and maintenance for the specific type of tree, as trees needs can vary hugely.

Also when it comes to keeping your tree cut back, it is best to get a professional tree surgeon Bournemouth based Kieran Boyland is someone who can help with this.

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Here are some of the best trees that you can add to a smaller garden…

Crab Apple Tree – If you want to attract wildlife to your garden, a crab apple tree is perfect for you. As well as the fruits that will attract wildlife, you will also get a beautiful display of blossom in the spring.

Peach Tree – If you have a sunny spot in the garden, a peach tree will love it! As well as a beautiful tree, you will also get to harvest your own peaches – nothing tastes better than fruit that you have grown yourself and is picked fresh from the tree.

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Cercis – Beautiful trees which display a beautiful blossom during the spring and summer months, for a smaller garden choose the Avondale variety, which will only grow to approximately three metres in height.