Have you got “Grand Designs” for your new Home?

Posted on:August 5, 2020


The popular British television show “Grand Designs” features elaborate and very unusual properties that have been designed and constructed by families wanting to build a home that’s completely unique for their specific use.  Presented by Kevin McCloud and originally released in 1999 the show is still as popular today and runs for sixty minutes covering the design of the specific property, the start of the building project, any problems experienced during construction and the end result when the home is completed.  The homeowners often try to incorporate modern building materials and techniques, use local trades people, possibly like Construction Companies Manchester and unconventional building materials to complete their individually designed home.

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If you are thinking about designing and building your own home you will need; plenty of money, patience, expertise, artistic flare and an overwhelming desire to complete a complicated and time-consuming project. The properties that have been visited by McCloud and featured on the show have all been chosen for their individual style and range from; a converted Water Tower, underground buildings, tree top constructions and a complex design made from entirely sustainable materials.

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Not all the homes featured on the series have cost hundreds and thousands of pounds to design and construct, Ben Law, Woodsman, Author and Natural Ecco builder constructed his own sweet Cottage with a frame made entirely from Chestnut trees cut from his own woodland. This particular episode was voted as the most popular one of the series.