How to improve the security of your garage door

Posted on:October 12, 2021


Homeowners concerned about security often pay close attention to their windows and doors but does this mean that they neglect to consider their garage doors? Garages can become an easy target for thieves, particularly if they can’t access the house. Here are some ways to beef up your garage door security:

  1. Vigilance

Do you always know if your garage door is locked or not? If this is something you are negligent about, you might be surprised to learn that insurance companies will often not pay out for theft of goods if the garage door is unlocked. Remind yourself nightly to check so you don’t fall victim to an opportunistic thief. For a new door with better security features, consider Garage Doors Swindon at the site

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  1. Consider automation

This isn’t just about looking swish or being convenient as automated garage doors are more secure. You will always know that the garage door has closed as you can do it at the press of a button. It is easier to close it so there is no temptation to leave it open for a short time while you pop into the house or nip to the shops. It is also smoother on the closing mechanism so your door will last longer.

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  1. Visibility

If your garage is in a dark corner, consider installing some exterior motion activated lighting to deter anyone who would rather lurk in the shadows. Putting up CCTV cameras also acts as a strong deterrent to potential thieves.