How to Redesign a Bathroom

Posted on:June 24, 2022


There are many different ways to restyle a bathroom, but a floor-to-wall feature, a feature wall, or a single feature can make a big difference. Large bathroom spaces can benefit from a feature wall or floor to create a dramatic focal point. A small bathroom can look too busy with decorative designs, but a large bathroom can benefit from a feature wall or floor to add warmth. One important element in planning a bathroom’s decor is colour. Wallpaper, paint, and tiles are all easily changeable, but a bathroom’s hardware is not.

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If your bathroom is too small, consider using light shades of tiles for the shower and floor. Lighter colours reflect light better and create a more spacious look. Changing the sink to a wall-mounted or pedestal model will create more floor space. This is an effective way to make more use of small spaces. When redesigning a bathroom, make sure to plan ahead so that the remodelling process will go as smoothly as possible. To make use of Silicone sealant remover to help complete these changes, visit

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Most of the costs of a bathroom remodel will come from the plumbing and fixtures, counters and surfaces, and cabinetry and hardware. Most remodels should cost between five and 10 percent of the home’s value. Choosing statement bathtubs, however, isn’t always a good idea unless you have plenty of extra money to spend on other areas of the home. If time is a constraint, you can consider hiring a contractor to handle the entire project.