How you can help save on energy costs

Posted on:November 17, 2021


With the colder weather finally settling in and people looking to heat their homes, you can be sure that finding ways to save money on energy will be at the forefront of people’s minds. This has been made more prevalent after the recent collapse of a number of companies that work in the gas and electric energy fields.

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There are a number of ways that you can help reduce your energy costs and these can include:

  • Meter readings – popping out to the Gas Meter box that you got from on a regular basis (usually once a month) and taking a reading that you can submit to your energy provider, will help to ensure that you are only paying for the energy that you are using.
  • Turning off appliances – make sure that you turn off appliances when you are not using up and turn off the lights in rooms that are unoccupied.

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  • Turning the thermostat down by a degree or two – by simply turning down your thermostat by just a couple of degrees you can save money.
  • Draughts – make sure that there are no draughts coming from around yoru windows and doors. If you notice any areas make sure to fill them with an appropriate material or look to using draught excluders at the bottom of your doors.