Modern day systems we have to thank the Romans for

Posted on:June 15, 2020


The Roman Empire shaped a lot of Britain and there are many modern day systems that we have to thank them for. Here are just a few of them.

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Plumbing – the Romans used aqueducts to bring fresh water into their homes and developed some of the earliest drains to take away the wastewater from their homes and streets. It was a much more sophisticated system than had been previously seen in the UK. Much of the drainage systems that Blocked Drains Essex companies work with today are based on the Roman design. If you have a blocked drain in essex visit 3flowdrainage

Roads – our extensive road network here in the UK is built, more often than not, on old Roman roads. Their philosophy for roads was to build them wide and straight with paved streets along the side. There are roads that stretch for miles and miles that connect ancient Roman towns and cities.

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Latin – this ancient language had an impact on many of the words and the language that we use in the UK. It was used as the language in law, religion and many of our modern day words have roots in Latin. It is a beautiful language that is making a resurgence in some higher education sectors as a way to understand the root of our own English language.