Pond options for your garden

Posted on:July 28, 2022


Ponds are great for introducing new wildlife into your garden. Frogs, toads and newts all love a pond to be able to dip themselves into. Ponds are also a great place for damselflies and dragonflies to live, and you will often see them skimming across the water and resting on the leaves of any plants that you have in the water.

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There are lots of different options available for establishing a pond in your garden. The type that you choose will depend on the size of your garden, how big a pond you want to create and the budget that you have available. It is also important to factor in the price of renting equipment from a Nottingham Mini Digger Hire company such as jwplanthire.uk/ as digging a hole manually can be hard, labour-intensive work. It is made much easier by using the equipment available.

The types of ponds that are available include:

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Recycled – this means using old household items such as baths and sinks to create a pond. These can be sunk into the ground to allow frogs and newts to access the water easily.

Preformed ponds – these are pond liners that are already shaped. You simply dig the hole, line it with sand and then place the preformed pond in. Next, you can fill it with plants and water.

Liner – this is a thick black PVC-based material that you can lay inside the hole that you have dug. It allows you to create a pond in whatever shape that you want.