The noble art of Plumbing

Posted on:November 26, 2021


If you care to look under your sink, you will see something quite magical. Coming down and out of the sink, there is a mass of pipes that one first inspection doesn’t really make any sense. This is the realm of the plumber and it is a complicated world to understand. The art of channeling water around our homes via pipes is certainly an impressive feat, how does the plumber do it?

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Plumbing comes from the latin word Plumbum. This is the old Roman word for lead. Lead was one of the principle metals used to create pipes for water. We now know that lead deposits in water can cause quite a few health issues so we have generally switched to  Copper pipe. Copper Pipe Connectors, like those from Watkins & Powis are certainly one of the best that you can get.

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It takes several years to qualify as a plumber. It’s not something that you can just go and be or learn in a class. For the most part Plumbers become plumbers via apprenticeships. In this day and age it is still something that you learn by experience rather than a classroom. There are plenty of access training course that prospective plumbers can go on but eventually you have to get out into the field and get your hands dirty.