Who is responsible for repairing or replacing a gas meter box?

Posted on:June 26, 2020


If you notice that your meter box is damaged, do you know who should be charged with the task of replacing or repairing it? It used to be that the gas and electricity boards had a responsibility to repair or replace the meter box, but deregulation changed that. It was then no longer the responsibility of energy suppliers to repair or replace a meter box.

You may think that it is not important, but the meter box is susceptible to damage because it is usually made of plastic. When living in shared accommodation or social housing, the responsibility for maintaining the box is unclear.

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According to the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers, the consumer is now responsible for the maintenance of the meter, which includes ensuring that the meter is stored appropriately. Gas meter boxes can be installed by the homeowner before the supply is installed or suppliers will fit the meter box in accordance with the agreement with the consumer. However, after the box has been installed, the property owner is then responsible for maintenance and upkeep. For a new Gas Meter box, visit a site like Meterbox.co.uk, a supplier of the Gas Meter box

Electric meter boxes are also treated like this, so if you have a damaged or lost box, you will want to sort them out as soon as possible to prevent further damage and regulatory violations.

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General damage that may occur in the meter box includes damage caused by extreme weather like gales, torrential rain, vandalism or wear and tear. Repair or replacement responsibility now rests with the property owners and installation of gas appliances must be regulated by a certified engineer.