Why You Should Use Plaster Walls Instead of Drywall in Your Home

Posted on:September 6, 2021


If you are renovating your home or have just bought a new home, you might be wondering whether you should use plaster or have drywall. Plaster walls are better for a number of reasons such as the fact that they are lighter and less thick than more traditional, masonry walls. Read on for more reasons why you should use plaster walls. If you are looking for Plasterers Gloucester, Visit Pure Plasterers.

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The first reason why you should use plaster walls instead of drywall is because plaster is stronger than drywall. It is a lot harder to damage plaster than drywall, so if you want walls that last longer and are stronger, plaster is what you need. This makes plaster more cost-effective as you are less likely to spend on repairs in the future if there is any damage.

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Secondly, plaster walls are better because plaster is more energy efficient which is more important than ever considering how climate change is getting worse and we need to conserve energy as much as possible. A traditional plaster wall is nearly twice as thick as drywall meaning it is better at insulating. To conserve more energy, you should insulate your walls with eco-friendly materials such as sheep’s wall, and loose fill cellulose.

Lastly, due to the thickness and hardness of plaster, plaster wall is better for blocking sound than drywall. This makes it ideal if you are looking to renovate your home and want to prevent complaints from neighbours from sound or if you want to block out sound from outdoors. You should make sure to have double glazing to further block out sound.