Wild Flowers to Look for in September

Posted on:September 9, 2021


Flowers are something that have a great ability to lift spirits and cheer us up – whether you are the recipient of a professional bouquet from somewhere like this Florist Tewkesbury, or whether you enjoy sitting in the garden or the woods looking for flowers and plants, they are one of the greatest pleasures in life.

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You may think as the summer draws to an end, that you don’t have much chance of enjoying many wildflowers now, but there is still plenty going on in the natural world, and if you go out for a walk here are some flowers that you might come across in September…

Gypsywort – This is a plant that you will most likely find near a lake or stream as it loves a damp environment. Dense clusters of small white flowers can be seen on this plant in September, and if you look closely you will see they have small purple dots.

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Vervain – This is actually not a native plant but has long been established in the UK – it was believed to have arrived around the Neolithic era. You will notice the small purple flowers and the height of the plant. It was highly revered throughout history and has many medicinal uses.

Tansy – Walk along the grass verges in September and you are likely to see this jolly yellow plant. Looking like lots of yellow balls, the tansy is a lot of tiny flowers creating the ball that you see. They attract a lot of insects and are of particular importance to the tansy beetle which is a rare species.