Catering options for your wedding

Posted on:November 25, 2021


When it comes to your wedding day, the food is something that everyone will talk about, along with the beautiful memories of you and the dress of course! However, you will find that guests will remember the quality of the roast potatoes and if there was enough wine on the table for years to come! However, if you go to the then you have nothing to worry about. Its one of the most prominent Wedding Venues Northampton has to offer. All you need to do is decide what you are going  to serve for your wedding breakfast. Here are a few suggestions;

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  1. A traditional roast. A choice of Chicken or Beef is one of the most common choices. Everyone sits down with a choice of soup or a starter and light puding to finish. It’s simple, its classic and most of all, it’s expected.
  2. A buffet. As most weddings are held in the summer months there is a line of argument that says you should have a nice open buffet. You can still keep things traditional but now your guests can make there own choices. A buffet allows for more selections.
  3. Sandwiches and finger food. Further to the idea of a summer wedding, with temperatures increasing the last thing people want is to sit down in a room and have a roast dinner put in front of them. It also means that guests can sit where they want and wander around chatting. It saves you the trouble of the seating plan.

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  1. An all day breakfast! Well, it is called the wedding breakfast. This is definitely something of a leftfield choice.
  2. Curry or  Chinese food buffet. These two food types lend themselves well to the buffet wedding format, plus modern tastes have radically changed since the Roast was the staple option.

Whatever you choose will be great.