Looking after your shoes

Posted on:December 1, 2020


Care for your shoes is one of the most important bits of clothing maintenance that you can do. It’s very tempting to let them just slip away into that well worn look but this is a surefire way for them to not last very long. With the right care and attention your shoes can last you for many years. You do need to buy to a quality brand first off and that is where you should look at XV Kings Shoes available from https://www.louisboyd.co.uk/brands/tommy-bowe.html. Here are a few tips to keep them nice.

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  1. Don’t let them get sweaty. Your feet sweat and you need to control this as best as you can. One suggestion is to use foot powder to soak up as much as you can and to change socks before you wear a pair.
  2. Stretch out the leather. Don’t put them straight on. A great tip is to put on at least 3 pairs of socks then put on the shoes and then walk around in them. As you do this blow a hair dryer on them.

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  1. Polish them and then polish them some more. A decent polish applied to leather shoes on a regular basis is a must. Leather is strong but a bit of extra protection never does them any harm.
  2. Suede care. Suede is simply a gentler leather but it still requires considerable care. A special brush is used plus there are stain removers. Suede is notoriously difficult to keep clean.