The every changing world of skips

Posted on:May 13, 2020


Skips and Carmarthen skip hire companies such as often come to our rescue when we have too much rubbish or graden items to take down to our local tip. Working with domestic and commercial clients you can be sure that they have some interesting stories to tell.

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Here are some interesting facts about the world of skips.

Original horses were used to draw wooden rubbish carts but these could only be used for light weight rubbish that was to be taken over short distances. In the 1920s the mining industry used containers that were very similar to the skips we use today to carry the waste products away and these were removed using lorries.

The reason that most skips are yellow is that back in 1971 the UK government brought in regulations for their uses as they have become more and more popular. One of these rules was that they had to be yellow in colour to allow them to be visible in poor weather and in the dark.

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It is thought that the UK produces around 200 million tonnes of waste a year. This is a huge number and is one of the reasons why more and more people are looking at ways in which they can recycle old items.