What is Streetwear?

Posted on:April 26, 2021


Streetwear is any kind of clothing that people typically wear outside to look cool and casual like sunglasses, jeans, hoodies and T-shirts, for example. It has evolved over time to include elements from jazz, pop, beach, graffiti, rock and hip hop. These clothing styles were originally popularised by the street graffiti artists.

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Why is it called streetwear? Because these clothes were worn by street performers as a way to advertise and display their particular brand or logo. The term “streetwear” was coined to distinguish the brand from other brands, which were common outside the nightclubs and bars where the performers exercised. The brand name, brand image and the stylized design of the garments all had to do with promotion and marketing, which made the outfit unique. For a range of Calvin Klein Menswear, visit EJ Menswear

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There are many different types of urban wear, but the ones most often mentioned are graffiti clothing, gangsta, low rise joggers and shirts, Japanese style tees, baggy jeans, skater shoes and bling jewellery. There are many more styles that fit into this category, but this list is by far the most commonly used. There is no definitive definition for what is streetwear, as it has been so widely accepted and so broadly used by a wide variety of people from all walks of life.